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Chalk Farm once more in what looks like a busy happy home!

Upstairs for Lancaster Gate!

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I will treat your goods as my own.   I pack very substantially and send fully insured and signed for to most parts of the world.

Haydn! I am so pleased with the roundel, thank you so much for professionally crating it! After some handy work I am finally putting it on display. This is most definitely going to be a conversational piece for all my guests!

As nice as it was to work in Bond Street the owner now works from home and has this fantastic reminder of those days. [Another available]

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And thanks to Mr J.P. for the image of his WAY OUT sign now luxuriating in Miami!

Good Morning to Both of You,....Haydn & Steve

I would just like to pass this comment to you both,...if I may?....

It's not often, (certainly in my game anyway!) that people these days receive praise or gratitude for the 'good' work that they do, it just becomes the 'norm' for what people do, so therefore it's an expectancy and if not, why not???........so ensues a complaint and criticism!

So I would like to say to Steve, the frames are perfect and look superb, also the timings for delivery were 'spot-on'....well packaged and in perfect condition, they look great and I'm grateful for them being 'dimensionally' the same....."Thank You" Steve!

And Haydn....thanks for arranging with Steve the alterations for the framing to suit my needs......they look fabulous and so right next to each other within my/our hall-way at home,....I / we are so pleased with how they've turned out and more to the point,....how they look against our décor,......brilliant!

I'm sure our friends/relatives/family etc will pass positive comment and should any of them have an avid interest for themselves to own/want one, then without doubt I can give you both the most superlative of a  recommendation!!!!!!

Thank you again from a Very Happy Customer!      Very Kind Regards   C.D.

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Hi, the signs have arrived safe and sound. They look fantastic, once again many thanks.



Haydn. The sign has arrived safely and very well packaged I will leave feedback later. Thanks very much R 11/2023


Afternoon Haydn, As you can see our Roundel has arrived!

It is brilliant and suits the theme in the kitchen, along with the London bus stop sign outside.       Thanks again.   Regards, L



Below: You won't find such luxuries and style at Baker Street station but let your imagination run away and you might just hear a train coming! This lovely sign now enjoying a cosy new life with it's new guardian.